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First and foremost, declutter. Get rid of all the clothes you don't need and clear up your closet of unused goods. Next, evaluate your lifestyle and requirements before making any new purchases: what is your principal activity? When you go out, where do you generally go? What are your go-to outfits?
Start organising your closet by occasion and season once you've answered these key questions. You'll be able to determine what essentials you're lacking and which goods you can live without. Making a checklist can help you stay organised by letting you know exactly what you need and keeping track of your closet.
Create a colour palette with a balance of neutrals and accent colours so you can simply match your outfits without spending hours every morning. Having a minimalist wardrobe will help you manage and streamline your life. You'll realise you'll never go back to the chaos and confusion after you've made the switch.

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