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First things first, de-clutter. Get rid of all the clothes you don’t need and empty your wardrobe of unnecessary items. Next, before you make any new purchases, analyze your lifestyle and your requirements: what is your primary activity? Where do you usually go out? What staples do you wear most?
Once you’ve answered these main questions, start organizing your closet according to occasion and season. You will be able to figure out what essentials you’re missing and what items you can go for some time without buying. Creating a checklist could make things easier, so you know what exactly you need, and you can easily keep track of your closet.
A helpful tip? Create a colour palette so you have a balance of neutrals and accent colours, and you can easily pair your clothes without having to spend hours every morning.
Take our word for it, a minimalist wardrobe will make your life organized and efficient. Once you’ve switched, you’ll realize you can never return to the clutter and confusion.

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