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Slow Fashion

Fashion lingo changes as quickly as seasonal trends and keeping up with all the terms can get overwhelming. But keeping up with all the latest developments is important to remain in the know-how, and we’re here to answer all your fashion-related queries. 

So, what exactly is slow fashion and what does it mean for you? A fashion awareness movement – it is an approach that takes into account the processes and resources needed to create apparel; it promotes buying of better-quality garments that not only lasts longer, but also advocates a cruelty-free assembling and purchasing process for people, animals, and the planet. Put simply, slow fashion is the antithesis of fast fashion. 

While fast fashion signifies mass-producing poor quality and low-priced garments that fill up landfills, brands that are committed to slow fashion ensure high quality, handmade apparel that showcase artistic talent that lasts for years if not decades. 

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How much longer can our planet tolerate the consequences of our obsession with inessential shopping? Joining the slow fashion movement isn’t reserved for fashion pioneers and bloggers – as a citizen of the world it is our responsibility to unite in our efforts and understand why making this change in our lifestyle is better in the bigger scheme of things. 

Fast fashion companies churn out new designs virtually every week, and just about 1% of all clothing materials are recycled into new clothes. Slow fashion, with its slower manufacturing timetables, small-batch collections, and zero-waste designs, gives us a glimpse into a more sustainable future. 

So, how can you contribute and join this journey? All it takes is a little effort. Start with the little things – make thoughtful purchases, build a capsule wardrobe, and do some research on expert brands that are committed to this ethical, eco-friendly cause. 

Zeruri is one such brand that is dedicated to creating awareness and implementing slow fashion practices. At Zeruri, we make conscious efforts to carefully stitch and deliver seasonless and timeless clothing for men. In this transitional era from fast fashion to minimalism, we strive to achieve style in sustainability. Promising you nothing but the best quality and perfect fit, these basics are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. 

In today’s ever bustling and crowded market, finding what you need has become impossible: it’s all about what brands want you to wear and buy, in accordance with the latest trend or fad. Basics are never given the attention they require. That’s why our prime focus is getting the basics right so that you don’t have to keep buying and discarding. Every little inch has been crafted keeping best interests in mind – your comfort and the planet’s welfare. 

Zeruri is mindful. We are minimalists. We strive to give men what they want. What they deserve. You know how the saying goes – simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. 

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