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capsulte wardrobe

The need to keep up with trends and new fashion terms is overwhelming enough; and when you find yourself in front of your closet every morning, sifting through endless piles of clothes, deciding on what to wear, do you ever wish there was a better, more organized way to start your day?

You aren’t alone in your woes. However, there is a simple solution: start a capsule wardrobe. But first, what is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe consists of a small number of interchangeable clothing pieces that work well together. Classic pieces that never go out of style and are generally made up of neutral colours are common. A capsule wardrobe allows you to put together a range of ensembles with a limited number of items.

This is the future of fashion, a minimalist’s way of living. There are many reasons why it is becoming the new normal, and here is why you should consider building your own: 

#1 Better Time Management

Going through an overflowing closet full of clothes and struggling to make a simple choice is not a lean way of living. Once you have defined your style and discovered what looks good on you, all you have to do is mix and match within clothes that work well together and ensure comfort for a long day ahead. Curating your closet is the first step in living the minimalist way.

#2 No Decision Fatigue

Have you heard of this term ‘decision fatigue’? It basically means that our brain is only wired to make a specific number of decisions in a day. After that, it becomes exhausting, and we find it difficult to make new decisions. Having a capsule wardrobe makes deciding on outfits much easier because you love every item you own, and since it goes well with everything else in your closet, you don’t have to spend any time visualizing or conceptualizing an outfit. 

#3 Sustainability
Do you love fashion and want to keep up with all the trends but want to do it in a way that doesn’t fill up landfills and contribute to the tonnes of waste being generated every year? Then you must go basic!

Wearing essential, high-quality, and minimal basics means there is no room for a fashion faux pas. Investing in a collection of timeless and seasonless clothing ensures you don’t have to waste either your money or the planet’s limited resources just to refresh your wardrobe. Make the smart choice. 

#4 Economical
Once you’ve built your wardrobe with items that you know you are going to use on a daily basis, you become aware of the fact that splurging on unnecessary items is redundant. Basics are versatile and complementary, so styling becomes simpler, and definitely lighter on the pocket! 

Building your own capsule wardrobe will make life so much simpler; it is an eye-opening change to your lifestyle. A capsule wardrobe makes you feel good about yourself since it minimizes wastefulness and advocates sustainability. 

Because of the sheer efficiency and leanness of your capsule wardrobe, getting ready in the morning is something you will look forward to!

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