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A man who knows how to style his polos is a man with taste. This casual yet stylish shirt is an absolute essential in a man’s wardrobe. There’s a lot more reason to love polos than style - their versatility. They can be paired with a variety of garments, thus allowing you to do more with less. 

What makes polos even better is the added comfort we’ve given them! Soft like butter that makes you feel like you’re seated on clouds. The Zeruri Interlock polos are some of the softest, most breathable you will find. 

Here’s the science behind the Zeruri interlock polos

They are made using organic Supima cotton. Supima cotton is a premium, long-staple fibre variety of cotton that is grown in select farms. What sets this breed of cotton apart from others is the softness and strength. 

Supima cotton is twice as strong as regular cotton which makes this polo perfect for tropical weather, on a sunny day out or a wind-down day at home. The long-fibre nature of the cotton also makes the polo durable and more resilient to damage, giving you many more years of wear. 

But why are Polos a must-have in a man’s wardrobe? 

Polos have come to be a universal representation of essential menswear that balances smart casuals while keeping things easy-going. You can identify an exclusive Polo from almost a mile away – the suave and sleek cut and fit of the shirt will instantly catch your attention and give off a vibe that oozes ultra-sophistication. 

Here are all the reasons why you must own a Zeruri Interlock Polo:


They are an absolute essential for men owing to the effortless ways in which they can be so variedly styled. For one, they can be layered with a crisp and high-end blazer, or they can even be styled with a contemporary vest, that will give this attire a work-appropriate nature. 

The versatility of the shirt can be seen when it is paired with something more relaxed, a little more laid-back, like loose track pants and shorts. Whether tucked out or in, the seamless elegance of a Polo will make it seem like you have been styled with utmost attention, when in reality, all you did was purchase a shirt of top-end quality. 


Zeruri polos are made with Supima cotton which makes the garment stronger. It can be worn over many years without loss in its brilliance. Supima cotton absorbs denser colors, so your polo will not lose color despite multiple washes. The integrity of the garment and stitch quality is top-notch so your polo will look as good as new even months later. 

A bold and bright colour is perfect for an occasion like a party, whereas a more neutral hue is a great choice for an office attire or any event that calls for subtlety. 


The Zeruri Interlock polos are an absolute dream to layer. Nothing gives of a cooler vibe than a polo layered with a bomber or denim jacket and a pair of groovy sneakers. Whatever the weather conditions outside, you know you can depend on your favourite shirt! 

Whether you’re feeling sporty or chic, styling a classic Polo shirt is a walk in the park. Seek inspiration from different sources and ultimately implement your own style! Check out Zeruri’s collection of Polos here. 


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