Supima cotton tshirt

You may be wondering – what is supima and how does it make a difference to me? 

Supima is a high-quality extra-long staple cotton that is used to make garments for brands committed to slow fashion and conscious consumption. 

It is a premium fabric, constituting less than 1% of all the cotton grown in the world. Its exclusivity and value give it its signature properties: durability, comfort, strength, and colour retention. 

How do you differentiate between Supima and regular cotton? 

The fiber length of Supima cotton is considerably longer than other kinds of cotton grown around the world. The shorter fabrics are of cheaper quality, and with time, they give away their true colours: they become rougher, start to pill, and lint begins to appear on the surface of the product. On the other hand, with longer fabrics, such as Supima, the strength and softness of the product remains intact, ensuring long-lasting comfort, resistance to pilling, and no loss of colour with washes. 

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Is it difficult to care for Supima Cotton? 

Not more than your regular tee. You can wash and dry your Supima tees just like your other cotton clothes. In fact, you will be able to see the difference between the different cottons gradually, with time. While the rest of your clothes begin to look older and start to fade, that’s when you will experience the real magic behind Supima. Supima products will stand out among the other items in your wardrobe because of their softness, which is enhanced, rather than deteriorated, with usage and wear. Supima products also stand out because of their durability and long-lasting colour. 

Where can I get a Supima Tee? 

A number of brands have begun to emerge that are consciously making the switch towards sustainability and slow fashion, catering to the needs of their consumers, rather than indulging in wasteful practices that are leaving our landfills polluted. 

At Zeruri, we make crew neck tees and interlock polos using this premium breed of cotton. Garments in essential colors that never go out of style, these versatile tees and polos are a must-have in the minimalist’s wardrobe. 

Supima cotton tshirt

Once you do make the switch to better quality products, you will realize how much simpler it will make your life. Get yourself a Supima Cotton Tee and experience for yourself the differences between premium quality and regular cotton garments!

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