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Absolutely not! Darker gradients, when styled well, suit everybody while still helping you stand out. If the fit is right and you are comfortable, you could never look boring, even if you wore the same outfit on every day of the week.
The benefit of owning dark clothes like black and navy is that they are easy to pair and interchangeable with almost anything. It is always advised to keep a set of neutrals handy, since they never go out of fashion and are suited for any occasion; from formal evenings to summer afternoons, you really can’t go wrong with these basic shades. Monochromatic colours are considered to be chic, but you have to make sure you are wearing the right-fitting clothes for your body type and personality, i.e the way you usually conduct yourself. Colours do speak volumes.
In fact, for a minimalist, it is always better to have darker clothes over light ones just because of the sheer convenience they promise.

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