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Minimalism is the new vogue. While trends come to peak, diminish, then re-surface decades later, this shift towards minimalism is making its first appearance known. And it is here to stay. The influencers in today’s digitized world have made sustainable fashion a global phenomenon, whether it’s thrifting or rocking a low-key look, and have left millions of people thinking and reflecting on their choices in clothes and brands. 

The next time you find yourself scrolling through social media, make sure to check out some of these influencers for some inspiration!  

1) The Minimalists 

You can find them on Instagram (@theminimalists) as well as on Youtube. Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus keep things simple with a minimalistic feed, inspiring the followers of their blogs and podcasts, and giving them the right tips to live a wholesome life with less.

The minimalist

2) Marcus Butler 

You may have heard @marcusbutler before on account of his Youtube channel, but did you know about nu-in, the sustainable clothing brand he has co-founded along with a small group of friends? Marcus and his brand with their affordable prices, organic and recycled materials, are taking over the industry, slowly but steadily. 

The minimalist blog

3) Aditi Mayer 

@aditimayer on Instagram, she doesn’t merely support sustainability, rather she brings to the forefront the questions relating to fast fashion that we have been in the dark about. Vocal for social justice and the harsh realities of the supply chain, Aditi keeps her social media chic and classy, wearing solids and blocks of colours from Indie labels that you can find once you visit her profile! 

Aditi Mayer 

4) Aakash Ranison 

Sustainability and climate activist, @aakashraanison’s feed is truly #wanderlustgoals! If you are into sustainable travel and living, you should definitely explore his Instagram. He mentioned in a post that he does not own more than 4 pairs of clothes at any given time, which helps him travel light and also reduce his carbon footprint. 

Aakash Ranison 

5) Besma

@besmacc’s monotone athleisure kits are a one-of-a-kind statement pieces that are the very epitome of class. Somehow still managing to be chic. Her clothes are a reflection of her personality: minimalistic, calm, cool tones, which you can find on her Instagram! She also tags some labels that dabble in secondhand clothing, if that is something that you would like to explore. 



Let us know if you have any recommendations on influencers we must follow. The more the merrier – we’re always keeping an eye out for more eco-influencers for inspo!

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