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Capsule wardrobe

If you find yourself in front of your wardrobe every day, struggling and scrambling to put together a decent outfit, braving through bundles of clothes you’ve never worn, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. 

What you need is a capsule wardrobe. This won’t only make your life more organized and efficient; it will also help take you one step ahead in your journey to embrace minimalism. 

A capsule wardrobe is made of a limited selection of clothes that are interchangeable: often composed of neutral, versatile, and timeless items, each garment complements the other in an effortless flair. 

Building a capsule wardrobe is not a ‘one and done’ clearing of your closet. It is a process that requires time to build. It requires self-exploration of preference and style. While each wardrobe is curated differently comprising a personal touch, there are some universal essentials you just can’t go without:

Everyday Tees

Everyday tshirt

Whether you’re heading out to work or just for a casual stroll – you can never go wrong with your basics. Go for more neutral colours- greys, blacks, and blues so that you can switch them up every day. Depending on the mood and the occasion, layer with a jacket or accessorize appropriately to look stylish while remaining comfortable throughout! 

Explore Zeruri’s Supima Tee Collection. 

Your Favourite Pair of Jeans 


Can anyone really do without denim? It’s perfect for keeping things sophisticated yet casual. Whether you’re pairing it with a formal shirt or a regular tee, there’s no room for error! That being said, keep in mind that finding the perfect pair of jeans isn’t so simple; you don’t want any unflattering fits attracting unnecessary attention. So, take your time in purchasing the right denim for your body type and de-clutter your closet of any pants that don’t sit well on your body.  

Oxford Shirts 

Band collar shirt

Oxford Shirts are versatile and super easy to style for an event that’s more on the formal side. If you’re not in the mood for crisp blazers and neatly ironed ties, Oxford shirts are a life-saver for you, and for that very reason, they have become an absolute essential in a modern man’s closet. 

Interlock Polos

Interlock Polos

The perfect way to balance class with a sense of novelty. Polos have been an indispensable item in menswear since time immemorial, and even today it speaks sophistication and elegance like nothing else. Depending on the way you style it, polos can come in handy for a plethora of different occasions, empowering you to make a statement in each and every one of them. 

A Cozy Sweater 


This one’s for when the weather outside is just a tad bit chilly; you don’t need extravagant jumpers or expensive coats. Layering a basic tee along with a simple, cozy sweater will keep you warm enough to go about your daily errands and finish off your tasks for the day. Once again – prioritize the neutrals over any loud colours, so that it makes interchanging easier and more hassle-free. 

Trousers That Go with Everything


Everyday trousers are the ultimate way to keep things classy while ensuring you remain comfortable. Pair with the tee of your choice and shoes/loafers that never go out of fashion, and you’ve got yourself a perfect look- complementing every component of your outfit seamlessly. We recommend the Zeruri trousers that come in four essential colours. Made with organic cotton and lycra to keep you stylish yet comfortable.

Capsule wardrobes are opening the doors towards a sustainable model of fashion in the near future. We’re not forcing you to change, only urging you to make a change that won’t only better your lifestyle but will also impact a new, continual, and greener world.

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