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White tee

A wardrobe essential, the epitome of elegance, the backbone of versatility: the humble white tee. Despite its simplicity, the crisp white tee is one of the most difficult to get right - what we mean to say is that if it’s of poor quality, it’s going to look cheap! But when done correctly and styled well, the ‘white tee’ look will make you stand out and help keep things effortless and casual. What also helps is getting the right white tee. For example, the Zeruri white tee is crafted with Supima cotton which makes the tee softer, stronger and the color remains the same even after many washes. 

Contrary to popular belief, the white tee isn’t bland and boring, in fact there’s a lot you can do to add flair to your look, and it doesn’t always have to be extravagant – you can rock the simple look with things you already own in your wardrobe. 

So what are some of the things you can do to elevate your humble white tee look and complete your outfit? Here are some ideas:

style with white tshirt

  1.   With Ripped Jeans- This is perfect for a casual day out or any occasion where you want to keep things subtle yet classy. Once you add your favourite pair of sneakers and sunglasses to the mix, you’ve got yourself a put-together look that takes no time at all. 
  2.   With A Blazer- A go-to for minimalists! Wear your crisp white tee with a blazer – neutral for a sophisticated look or a bright and loud colour for when you want to add an edge. This is a simple way to ensure sophistication for any event that calls for a semi-casual attire. 
  3.   With Shorts & Loafers- Pair your white tee with grey or navy shorts and a pair of suede loafers for a perfect beachy/summer day look. And since a beach day calls for accessorizing, don’t forget your hat and sunnies (and a whole lot of sunscreen!) 
  4.   With a Denim Jacket- For when you have to look your best, but don’t want to spend hours sifting through piles of clothes! A black or blue denim on denim combination is stylish on any day of the year, and all you need to do to add a little bit of zest to it is accessorize well with either your watch or bracelet/chain. 
  5.   With Black Pants and Boots- A night out in town requires a stylish outfit that makes a statement. This doesn’t always mean you have to indulge in extravagant or expensive garments; all it requires is minimal effort to carry yourself with confidence. Layer your plain white tee with a stylish jacket and black trousers along with Chelsea Boots – this simple outfit is chic enough for you to have a great night with your friends, all while remaining comfortable and warm throughout. 

 One simple tee, a hundred different ways to style it. Invest in a good-quality, humble white tee once, and it’ll promise you companionship for years. 

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