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2022 slow fashion

The very antithesis of fast fashion, slow fashion is revolutionizing fashion trends and busting malignant norms, defining a new era of sustainability and minimalism. Slow fashion encompasses awareness and an approach that promotes the purchase of higher quality garments that will last longer, as well as equitable treatment of people, animals, and the environment.

While the concept of slow fashion is not a sudden realization, the past decade has seen ground-breaking progress that has swept a wave of change in the way people are consuming. Having witnessed first-hand the changes to the environment, more and more people are committing to conscious consumption, transforming the rising tide of slow fashion into an active movement.

Joining the slow fashion movement doesn’t require approvals or petitions – if you are simply a responsible citizen of the earth, you are eligible to unite in the efforts. Here are some simple ways you can become a part of this endeavour and pave the way forward for a more sustainable future: 

  1. Build a Capsule Wardrobe – all that you need to build a capsule wardrobe is probably already available in your closet, bundled and pushed to the back, amidst stacks of other clothes you don’t need. A capsule wardrobe allows you to interchange and differently style a limited collection of clothes that never go out of trend. Once you get rid of all the non-essential items in your closet, you will be creating a whole new lifestyle for yourself that is founded on efficiency and grounded in minimalism. 2022 slow fashion
  2. Make Thoughtful Purchases- The new year is all about resolutions. In 2022, try dropping some bad habits – one being the urge to impulse buy. By splurging on unnecessary clothes and shoes you are not only making life harder for yourself and your closet but also for the environment – filling up landfills and encouraging more wastage of resources. thoughtful purchases
  3. Consider Thrifting- When you come across an article of clothing that you know no longer holds any value to you, consider thrifting or gifting it to someone who would appreciate it. A number of thrift stores – both offline and online – have come up, so if you feel the urge to stroll and indulge in casual shopping, consider checking out their collection. thrift shopping image
  4. Switch to Organic Brands- Look for some brands online that are committed to the cause of sustainability, and go through their websites to get more information on how ethical they are in manufacturing and distributing their products. slow fashion 2022

Zeruri is one such brand that values minimalism and prioritizes premium quality fabric over the requisites of fast fashion. We make seasonless and timeless clothing for men, perfecting basics, and giving them the scope to balance style with sustainability. 

In the whirlwind of activity and the bustle of the world, making the switch to conscious consumption tops the list of our responsibilities as dutiful citizens. It would be wiser to eradicate the toxic patterns of fast fashion through our little efforts than to witness the dark side of this world of supposed glamour. 

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