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Fast fashion is the mass production and consumption of cheap, trendy clothes that replicate the ‘celebrity’ or catwalk culture, at an affordable price. The idea is basically to get the newest styles on the racks and in the stores as quickly as possible, to meet consumer demand, before the popularity of the trend wanes. And it does, rapidly. On the contrary, eco-fashion is centred around sustainability.
The slow fashion movement takes into consideration the ecological impact of the industry and strives to provide the best options with minimal environmental consequences. Sustainable fashion uses recycled material to produce clothes, reducing the carbon footprint and pollutants released into the environment on a daily basis.
Another point of difference between fast fashion and eco-fashion is in the treatment of the workforce. While fast fashion exploits its workers by underpaying and overworking them, sustainable brands employ artistic talent that work in healthy and happy conditions, to produce clothes of premium quality and fit.

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