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Sustainability is multi-faceted. While the clothing is stylish and classy, there is also a story behind each item that is made and distributed, and that goes a long way in leaving a positive impact on the environment, the people, and the planet.
Sustainability stands for mindfulness. It makes you aware of the unjust, almost unbelievable practices being employed across the globe and urges you to dig deeper into the kind of brands you have been loyal to.
Apparel made from organic, recycled, and high-quality material guarantees extraordinary comfort, that will last you almost a lifetime, unlike the cheap fabrics used in fast fashion.
If you’re thinking of joining the slow fashion movement, stop thinking, and just do! If the environmental and health hazards are not inspiring enough, do it for the advocacy of humane working conditions for all the vulnerable personnel being exploited, only to make clothes that remain stacked far behind in your closet.

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