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The future of sustainable fashion is looking bright! Thanks to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of technology, we are able to see some significant developments in this field. There are new apps on the rise that make thrifting and recycling old clothes more convenient than they have ever been.
There has been an increase in funding for up and coming designers and brands who prioritize sustainability and better quality garments over overwhelming quantities. These are not the only changes we are seeing – more laws are being implemented for safer working conditions of employees along with fair payment of wages, especially for the section of the population which is most vulnerable to exploitation.
The most exciting part of the slow fashion movement is the enthusiasm and eagerness with which the world is joining the movement, ranging from the leaders of the fashion industry to smaller, homegrown brands, that strive to give you premium quality results while making a difference and setting a good example. The internet has made the world a small place – now that all eyes are on the sustainable fashion industry, no one, producer or consumer, can make the blunder of slipping up by being ignorant.

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