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An underrated but very useful piece of advice is, ‘less is more.’ Class and sophistication are a result of simplicity, and you can never go wrong with the basics. What is important is that you wear good quality clothes, because it shows.
When you have less, you will realize that you are able to do more. Keeping a minimalist wardrobe will make your life easier by keeping you organized and enabling you to put together an outfit without any effort. Even when it comes to styling yourself, less is always more. By adding, you will only complicate your look, and the elegance that comes from simplicity will be lost.
Keep things basic, and let the clothes speak for themselves. Minimalism is the new vogue for a reason. It’s sustainable, fashionable, and comfortable. For some inspiration on how to style your basics, you can look up some minimalist influencers online for some tips!

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