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Slow fashion, in simple terms, is ethical fashion. It encompasses a fashion awareness movement that takes into account the processes and resources needed to create apparel. It promotes buying of better-quality garments that not only lasts longer, but also advocates a cruelty-free assembling and purchasing process for people, animals, and the planet. In short, slow fashion is the antitheses of fast fashion.
While fast fashion signifies mass-producing poor quality and low-priced garments that fill up landfills, labels that are committed to conscious consumption ensure high quality, handmade apparel that showcase artistic talent that can last for years if not decades.
Joining the slow fashion movement is not only the responsibility of conglomerates and influencers on the internet, in fact, by making little changes to our lifestyle, we can also contribute to saving the planet. Some ways you can get involved are: building a capsule wardrobe, reduce impulsive shopping, switch to sustainable brands, and consider thrifting and donating clothes rather than mindlessly tossing them in the trash.

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