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The essence of minimalism is simple. It’s straightforward. It is about getting rid of what you don’t need and sticking to only absolute essentials. When the concept of minimalism applies to fashion, it means having a minimal amount of clothing in your wardrobe that you know are of real value to you.
Minimalism means de-cluttering and organisation. If you find yourself standing in front of your closet every morning, struggling to find the one item you need amidst piles of unnecessary clothes, it’s time for you to start a minimalist or capsule wardrobe.
This means that you get rid of everything you know you’re not going to use, and build a personalized collection of clothes that are timeless and interchangeable. By doing so, you will slowly be able to separate yourself from the toxic cycle of fast fashion. Bear in mind, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a fun or colourful wardrobe! You need to take your time in creating the perfect capsule wardrobe based on a colour palette suited to your preferences. If done professionally, you’ll never find yourself aimlessly scrolling through fashion websites in search of things that you would probably discard after wearing once.

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