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Fast fashion in simple terms, is low-cost, trendy clothing that takes inspiration from the catwalk or celebrity culture and quickly transforms it into items at high-street stores to meet consumer demand. The gist of it is to get the newest styles on the racks as soon as possible so that shoppers can purchase them while they are still in fashion and discard them once the trend wanes.
This massive production and consumption of cheap quality clothing doesn’t come without its price. As we continue purchasing from unethical brands, we are unknowingly advocating unjust labour practices, environmental degradation, and the usage of toxic chemicals that will have a long-term impact. Materials used for the manufacturing of fast fashion clothing, such as polyester, contribute to global warming and water pollution, by adding tonnes of plastic to our oceans.
However, with increased awareness, people are realizing the true cost of fast fashion, and are switching to sustainable brands, putting an end to mindless consumerism. In today’s era of endless options, it is important to ask yourself the question, ‘who made my clothes?’

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