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Your collection of trendy clothes and chic designs often come at a price. A price that very soon we will no longer be able to afford. Our ignorance precedes environmental catastrophes and lack of humanity, but life cannot go on much longer like this. In all practicality, sustainability is, and should be, the essence of fashion.
We’re not asking you to compromise on clothes and experimental new styles, no, all we aim for is to urge you to switch to sustainability, make a conscious effort to purchase products from brands that are committed to the slow fashion movement. This little effort will go a long way in breaking the damaging cycle of fast fashion – including exploitation of workers, animals, and resources, and will help implement better habits of conscious consumption.
Sustainable fashion is the way forward – by making a small change to our lifestyle we are able to contribute to the greater good of society, not only through better ecological integrity but also social justice on a global scale.

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