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The biggest blunder in fashion is when men follow the same colour combinations that are meant for women. Men should follow a different colour palette, one that suits their own personality and build, and style themselves accordingly.
The most classic colour combination is monochrome, which is black and white. This works everywhere, whether it’s a party or a meeting or when styled appropriately, even for a casual hangout. The next most popular combination for men is pink and grey. This one is class re-defined. A crisp, formal salmon shirt paired with grey trousers is all you need to pull off sophistication and elegance for the evening. However, do keep in mind that when you use pink, find the shade that best matches your complexion; it is a tricky colour to get right, but when you do, nothing comes close.
Another favourite combination is olive green and brown. These earthy tones are simple to get right and perfect for any casual day out. When it comes to contrasting colours, make sure not to overcomplicate by heavily accessorizing. Less is always more.

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