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The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the planet’s carbon emission every year; brands all across the world are guilty of running their businesses unethically that is slowly but steadily leading to a decline in the earth’s natural resources.
However, like every other problem that we face, this one too has a solution, and it doesn’t get simpler than this: sustainable fashion. Labels committed to the slow fashion movement contribute in reducing carbon footprints, water pollution, and by using recycled waste and renewable energy to manufacture goods, they eliminate the possibility of generating large amounts of waste.

Secondly, sustainable clothes are made of better quality fabrics that will last you a long time! This implies not only guaranteed comfort on any given day of the year, but also a reduction in the quantity of clothes you will end up purchasing.
Lastly, by joining the slow fashion movement, you are supporting fair labour practices, since sustainable fashion brands advocate better working conditions for their employees including reasonable wages and healthcare services.

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