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Most people don’t realize what impact clothes have in a social setting. We set aside fun and quirky clothes for parties and hangouts, but it is equally important to wear the right garments to the office, especially to help to set yourself apart and make a statement.
This doesn’t mean you have to be extravagant and purchase over-the-top clothes, no, all it requires is that you wear the right shade and right fit for your body type. Some of the best colours to wear to office are green, blue, brown, and black. Typically, if you are expected to be attired in smart casuals, you should avoid shades like yellow and red.
Some classic colour combinations you can try are – a salmon shirt with grey trousers, an olive shirt with tan chinos, and the timeless monochrome fit. No matter what shade you are wearing, you will only be able to pull it off if you are comfortable and confident. Wear what you know looks best on you.

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