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A colour palette is kind of like your wardrobe’s personality. It’s what gives it its own identity. For a minimalist, a colour palette is essential to establish your style. You can work with many options: the most popular being the Windstruck Palette which is a triadic scheme of soft blue-greys, subtle browns, and bold greens. The second palette, most favourable to men, is the Coastal Palette which ranges from navy, grey, brown, and a soft beige. There is also the Sea Foam Colour Palette which is a perfect balance between bright hues and subtler shades. From black and grey, you also have a selection of teal, wood brown, and darker shades of white.
For a minimalist, neutrals are the safest option. You don’t have to worry about pairing tops with trousers every morning; by investing in neutral shades, every item is interchangeable and you have to put in minimal effort into creating a look.

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