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Start simple. Begin by getting out more, soaking the sun, taking up gardening, etc. make small changes to your daily routine. Cut down on your meat consumption and switch to an organic, plant-based diet to do your bit in ending injustice towards animals. You should even look into the skincare brands you have been using – you will find that most of them are guilty of animal cruelty and use harmful chemicals in their composition.
One simple, but highly effective method for you to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle is to switch from fast fashion to sustainable brands. Prioritize quality or quantity by supporting brands that are committed to conscious production by using recycled material, reducing their carbon footprint, and providing humane working conditions for their employees. Another way you can be ethical is by shopping second-hand; this doesn’t only minimise the demand for unnecessary manufacturing but also reduces the gruesome impact on the environment.
Be mindful and practise minimalism, you will see the wonders it does to your lifestyle and to the planet.

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