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Fashion is dynamic. It is ever-changing. Trends come and go, but despite this unpredictable nature of fashion, style is a totally different matter. You don’t need extravagant or expensive clothes to look classy and pull off elegance.
It’s true, you must change with the times, even in the fashion world. However, there are some ‘must have’ items in a man’s wardrobe, and you absolutely cannot go without them.
These items include a plain white tee. Invest in a good quality white tee because there’s nothing that’s more versatile and classier than it. Secondly, you need a pair of well-fitted trousers for any casual/semi-formal occasion. When it comes to winter wear, every closet should at least have one wind sheeter and one thicker jacket for a cold day out.
Your wardrobe would be incomplete without certain accessories such as a pair of sunglasses, 7-10 pairs of socks, your favourite shoes, and a stylish everyday bag.

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