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All our lives, we have been accustomed to wearing new clothes and new styles every single day. But did you know wearing similar clothes has its own set of perks too? The first benefit is a reduction in decision fatigue; you don’t spend any time in the mornings, deciding what would look good with what. This will help you divert your energy and focus on what really matters.
Secondly, your consumption habits become more conscious and sustainable. By purchasing less, you are helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, and are saving the planet’s resources from being exhausted.
Thirdly, you save a lot of money. Without realizing it, we overspend on our clothes, going way over budget every month. By curating your style, you’ll realize how much more organized your life becomes, both financially and generally.
Lastly, but very importantly, you’d be making a statement. The preconception we have is that extravagance makes heads turn. But by having a signature look, you’re setting an example, and are in fact making more of a statement than glitter and diamonds ever could.

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