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Sustainability is taking over the fashion world! While fast fashion uses cheap materials to mass-produce clothes that will peak and decline in a short period of time, sustainable or slow fashion makes use of recycled fabric to produce premium quality garments that will last you a lifetime.
Sustainable fashion is gaining popularity for a number of reasons. Firstly, your quantum of shopping will reduce because the need to replace your old, fading clothes will vanish. Secondly, it’s good for the environment. Decades of ignorance has landed us in a mess: polluted lands, contaminated oceans, and overflowing landfills; by switching to sustainability there will be a significant reduction in this devastation because of the organic nature of the manufacturing process.
Lastly, sustainability supports the people who are responsible for making your garments. Slow fashion advocated better working conditions, fair wages, and a gradual end to illegal sweatshops.
Therefore, for the protection of the environment, the planet, and for individual mindfulness, sustainable fashion is taking over fast fashion.

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