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Yes, buying used clothes is sustainable, and it has its very own term – thrifting.
If you love to keep up with current and emerging trends, but still wish to be ethical while you’re at it, thrifting is your best option. It reduces the requirement of manufacturing new clothes and cuts down on the usage of energy and finite resources.
Thrifting, as an activity, was losing popularity, but with the onset of social media and digitization of the world, it has resurfaced and made our lives much easier. You can find accounts and websites solely focusing on thrifting options, and with the abridgement of the world, the collections have become size-inclusive as well.
One tempting factor of fast fashion is affordability, but with the presence of thrift shops, offering equally trendy clothes at the same or even cheaper price, you no longer have a reason to shop from unethical brands.
The next time you’re online shopping, choose to scroll through labels committed to conscious consumption. The mere act of shopping can help save the environment.

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