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It is recommended for every minimalist, and everyone in general, to do a ‘closet cleanse’ once every 3 months. When you are re-organizing your wardrobe, you will come across all the clothes that you wear on a regular basis, what you don’t wear, and what you are missing out on. If a particular item looks worn out or has lost its sheen, only then does a minimalist seek to purchase a new product.
However, in order to ensure the whole concept of minimalism remains sustainable, it is best if you make a one-time investment in good quality clothes. A premium fabric can last you years, and you don’t have to make purchases every once in a while to replace some cheap fabric you purchased because of its affordability. This is not only convenient, but it is also cost-effective and best suited for the environment. Since demand for new clothes goes down, production decreases and the quantity of carbon emission released into the environment is significantly minimized.

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