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A capsule wardrobe has no set limit on how many clothes one can own – it could be 10 or 100 all that matters is that each item is of some value to you. That being said, it is easy to go astray when there is no particular guideline. A good number of shirts to own is anywhere between 7-10 so that even if you do your laundry once a week, you have a clean shirt for every day.
If you know you prefer a particular colour over the others, keep 2 handy, so it is easy for you to style and experiment with new things while still being in your comfort zone. This is especially essential for neutral colours that allow almost all, if not most of the clothes in your closet to be interchangeable.
If you are fond of new designs and keeping up with trends, you can set an additional number of shirts aside that serve this purpose, organized on the basis of occasion or frequency of use.

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