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A minimalist should own an average of 10 shirts. You should have two dress or oxford shirts, one white and the other black, for formal attire. A polo shirt for a semi-casual occasion, and some crew necks for a laid-back day in our out. Having a linen and denim shirt is also important, and will allow you to switch things up once in a while.
If you’re someone who advocates sustainability and minimalism while still wanting to be stylish, you should also invest in 2 patterned/colourful shirts. When you pair this with your trousers or denim, you can make it a complete look, that took no effort at all.
It is always important to have a backup! A minimalist knows what looks good on them, so know your body type before investing in shirts, and make sure to purchase good quality clothes to ensure you can go a long time without having to repeatedly buy the same few items.

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