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First and foremost, empty and clean your closet. Once you’ve done that, observe your closet’s features and organize accordingly: maybe you have wider space, or many hanging rods, or built-in shelves.
Next, you need to categorize your clothes. Set them according to seasons – you don’t want your fuzzy sweaters to be in the same pile as your casual summer tees, it only makes things more confusing. When you’re organizing, hang all the clothes that are delicate and can easily get crimped such as dress shirts, ties, trousers, etc. It is better to stack thicker items such as sweaters and denim because they won’t lose shape or crinkle if they are not handled carefully. If you require more storage, roll up your tees and pyjamas and keep them in storage boxes.
An extremely important tip for when you’re organizing your closet is to keep your daily use and most-worn items at eye level. If it’s stacked somewhere at the back, you’re going to create a mess every time you are in a hurry. Lastly, but most importantly, store your undergarments neatly in a drawer so that they don’t get in the way of your other clothes!

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