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The first thing you need to do is check the material – sustainable fashion brands use vintage or upcycled material or renewable material such as linen, hemp, or even bamboo. The textile dyes that fast fashion brands use are polluting our oceans and impact us negatively when they are absorbed by our skins, and for that very reason, you should always check the material before purchasing.
Secondly, unless leather is recycled from old clothes, car seats, etc., it is not sustainable! Killing and skinning animals exhaust numerous resources, and the same goes for fur too. When it comes to leather, thrifting is your most eco-friendly option.
Lastly, always check where the item of clothing has been manufactured. Manufacturers from countries that have vague labour laws are often ignorant of proper waste disposal. As far as possible, try to purchase items that have been manufactured in your own country because that ensures minimal carbon footprint.

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